RRHVN Vision

Sustainable North Dakota rural healthcare systems, healthy people, and vital communities.

RRHVN Mission

To create and advance the Rough Rider High-Value Network – a sustainable network of rural North Dakota Critical Access Hospitals and clinics that increases clinical quality, pools member resources, manages financial risk, and improves community health.

Rough Rider High Value Network

Our Services

Managed IT Services

The Rough Rider Network provides a Managed IT service opportunity to members that encompasses solutions ranging from project specific assistance to complete IT infrastructure management and operation.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Rural hospitals in North Dakota prioritize the health of their communities. The Rough Rider Network's will soon provide a Community Health Needs Assessment option to assist hospitals identify and address their community's major health needs by studying future healthcare trends and community feedback.

Provider Credentialing and Privileging

North Dakota's Rough Rider Network is working closely with members to design robust solutions in the areas of provider Credentialing and Privileging.

Coding Support and Audit Services

Rough Rider Network is currently working with a variety of potential partners to offer Coding Support and Audit Service solutions for member hospitals, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs.

Professional Education Services

Rough Rider Network's Education Opportunities emphasize collaborative learning through webinars, seminars, and peer learning events for our rural healthcare providers.

Population Health Improvement Strategies

Rough Rider Network assists facilities in implementing strategies that enhance quality and care coordination based on their patients’ specific needs through ACO Management, Care Coordination, Transitional Care Management, and Chronic Care Management.

Contact Us For More Information

We value your feedback, inquiries, and suggestions. Whether you have a specific question, wish to collaborate, or simply want to learn more about the Rough Rider Network, our dedicated team is here to assist you.